Enjoy God, Embrace People, Experience Growth
SUNDAY SERVICES – 8:30am & 10:30am


Hope Baptist Church began under the guidance of a church planter named Steve Bennett. In 1976 a small group of people met to establish a new church in cooperation with the Conservative Baptist Association in the West Augusta area of Maine. The church began by meeting in the Bennetts’ home in Augusta.

In 1981 Pastor Dan Bowers was called to be the new pastor of the church, and the church grew under his ministry.

In 1985 a parcel of land on Route 202 in Manchester was purchased so that the church could build there. While the new church building was being constructed, the church met at the Manchester Elementary School. The new building was dedicated in 1987.

After the new building was constructed, the church continued to attract new people. An addition was then built which provided classrooms and needed office space. But God continued to bring more people to the church and after much prayer, it was decided to expand once again. In 2008, a new church building was constructed on site. The old church building is now used as a fellowship hall.

Hope’s history, though, is not about the various buildings we have met in. The word “church” in the New Testament never refers to a building. The church always refers to the people of God. Hope always has been and always will be about being a place for God’s people to enjoy God, embrace people and experience growth. That is our purpose as a church. As we fulfill this purpose, “the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” Hope will keep moving forward because the power of Christ is at work within the church.