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Christmas Poinsettias


Help decorate the church for Christmas.
Poinsettias may be donated in memory of a loved one. Please fill out the form below.

Forms are due by Sunday, December 10th

Each poinsettia costs $14.00, and may be paid for online or by check. Please make checks payable to “Hope Baptist Church” with “Poinsettia Donation” in the memo line. (Checks may be mailed to PO Box 363 Manchester, ME 04351-0363)

Poinsettias may be taken home following the Christmas eve service.

For More Information: Contact Bea Lawson at beatrice_lawson@yahooo.com or (207) 458-9748

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*If you would like to buy a Poinsettia for multiple people add (,) between each persons name in the “In Memory of” box.

In Honor of / In Memory of

Lucille Ouellette | by Roger & Kathy Theberge

Hope MacFarland | by Roger & Kathy Theberge

Eileen MacFarland | by Roger & Kathy Theberge

Normand & Carmel Theberge | by Roger & Kathy Theberge

Chuck Sprague | by Teta Sprague

David & Lillian Robinson | by Teta Sprague

For our Loved Ones | by the Beavers

Rick Libby | by the Libby Family

Emily Libby | by the Libby Family

Joe & Esther Hartl | by Bill & Kathy Sauter

Al & Winona Sauter | by Bill & Kathy Sauter

Jeffrey Pandolfo | by Bill & Kathy Sauter

Ellen Eckart | by Bill & Kathy Sauter

Lee Fuller | by Bill & Kathy Sauter