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God Protects His People

Scripture: 1 Samuel 19

I. God protects you through other people.

A. 1 Samuel 19 reveals four attempts that Saul makes to kill David. So, what stopped Saul from killing David? One thing that stopped Saul from killing was other people. The first person to save David was Jonathan (vs. 1-7). Saul listens to the words of reason of his son Jonathan, and everything is worked out (vs. 6). God protected David’s life through Jonathan. Sometimes, conflicts can be resolved if you simply have the courage to face them and talk things out.

B. Saul’s sanity in his dealings with David was only temporary. It didn’t last long. He quickly went back to being the bad guy. A second attempt on David’s life is made in vs. 11-17. Saul sent messengers to David’s house to watch him that he might kill him in the morning. So, what protected David this time? Another person. This time his wife Michal saved him. She told David to escape their house at night. Jonah 2:9: “Salvation belongs to the LORD!”

II. God protects you through fighting for you.

A. We see a third attempt on David’s life in vs. 8-10. The judgment of God falls on Saul again for his sin. The harmful spirit from the LORD returns to Saul (vs. 9). So, Saul’s insanity returns. And just like in 1 Samuel 18, Saul takes his spear again and tries to kill David. But we read in vs. 10 that Saul sought to pin David to the wall with the spear, but he eluded Saul, so that he struck the spear into the wall.

B. In 1 Samuel 14:47 we read that wherever King Saul turned he routed his enemies. So, how is it possible that this successful soldier cannot kill David with his spear when David is right in front of him at point blank range? God Himself was fighting for David. We see how God fights for and protects His anointed king in Psalm 2. There is no place of refuge for you if you fight against God and God’s anointed. The only place of refuge and protection is in God Himself.

III. God protects you through His Spirit.

A. A fourth attempt on David’s life is made after David flees to the prophet Samuel (vs. 19). But the Holy Spirit would now protect the one God had chosen as king to preserve David for that task. The Holy Spirit was gently invincible. Those who were under the influence of King Saul and King Saul himself now found themselves under the infinitely greater influence of the King of the universe (vs. 21-23). If you are a Christian, you are immortal until God’s work for you is done. God will protect you until it’s time to bring you home to heaven.

Keep the faith that God will protect you in various ways. Praise Him for that protection.

The book of 1 Samuel
Commentaries on 1 Samuel by Robert Bergen, Dale Ralph Davis, and Tim Chester

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. What people has God used in your life to protect you from harm? Have you thanked some of those people recently?
  2. Why couldn’t Saul stop trying to kill David even after God had protected David so many times? How can we learn more quickly to stop fighting against God and His ways?
  3. Christians are immortal until their work for God is done. Does that strengthen your faith when you are in danger?