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Sermons from January 2021

Questions of Jesus

Do You Love Me?

Scripture: John 21:15-17 I. You know you love Jesus if you repent after you sin. This conversation between Jesus and Peter in John 21 takes place after Jesus has been raised from the dead. On the night before Jesus died, Peter had denied even knowing Jesus. How painful this must have been for Peter. What…

Questions of Jesus

Why Do You See the Speck?

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-6 I. We see specks in others because we like to play God. A. The word judge (vs. 1) has a wide range of meanings. Sometimes, we speak about judging in terms of evaluating or analyzing a person’s behavior. And sometimes we speak about judging in terms of a judge condemning someone in…

Questions of Jesus

What are You Seeking?

Sermon OUtline Scripture: John 1:35-42 I. You should seek Jesus because you want to follow Him. A. In John 1 we see John the Baptist handing off his ministry to Jesus. The last of the old covenant prophets stood face to face with the one who fulfilled all those prophecies: Jesus. Jesus notices that he…