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For the month of December we would like to invite you and your family to pray with us each day leading up to Christmas. Every day we will thank God for something and ask God for something. We will thank God for one of his attributes or actions. We will ask God for help to change us, our church and our world. The daily prayers are listed below.

We would love to hear how God has been working in your life through this prayer event or any of the other monthly prayer events that we are participating in this year. You can share your comments below.


  1. I have been an Advent observer for many decades . Lighting the candles in an Advent wreath, praying and meditating on Scriptures on a theme for each of the four weeks of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy & Love. This month’s Pray Without Ceasing event using the Advent Prayers were perfect for deeper mediation and drawing closer to GOD . The power of prayer during a unique year and a loss of loved one ,inspire of that my heart is definitely full of joy this holiday season. It’s GOD’S power in the prayers answered in HIS Ways covered with HIS peace and that’s the definite source for my holiday Joy!

  2. Heavenly Father, Thank You for my church family and for providing a place for us to come together in Your name. Please help me to make my church family gatherings a priority in my schedule so that I can be encouraged to grow as a Christian, and so I can encourage others . . . Hebrews 10:24-25. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would guide my church, and that You would plant a deep desire within me to love, serve, and minister to others in my church. I want to be a part of Your ‘hands and feet’ that come together to serve and encourage each other towards Your purposes. I ask for Your blessing on my church, that it would be a healthy and vibrant community hungry to serve You and to spread Your love into our neighborhoods and around the world. Please bless me with a servant heart Lord, like Yours. Thank You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  3. Father God, I desire to meditate on Your Words and to live in Your holy presence throughout this new day. Thank You for my salvation, for rescuing me from my sins and from my brokenness. I bow at Your feet, my Lord, for I know that my flesh will fail, but You are always waiting for me with open arms. Today, I run into Your arms, embracing all that You have for me. Your glory goes beyond all that I can imagine. Today I praise You for the people, opportunities, and experiences that You have given to me. Lord, You call me by name, and I will rest in Your presence. In Jesus’s beautiful name I thank You and pray, Amen.

  4. I am blessed with a special sister-in-hope. She has been very encouraging for me.
    She gives me spiritual advice about life’s struggles and challenges. It is helpful to share times with a Christian sister. We are faithful about calling each other on the phone every week; however, I feel great about us being able to get together in person. I will keep my identity anonymous since she is so much more outgoing than I am.

  5. I met with my Sister of Hope during the week of prayer. I will keep her anonymous. She and I are dear friends and we have come to know each other through similar circumstances we struggle with. She is someone I truly admire as a wife, mom, homemaker, and leader. We met during our busy schedules to pray over one another, our nation, community, church, and many other things. I find how God works to be amazing as her prayers over my life and my families life have already begun to be answered. It’s funny how much we have in common. We continue to reach out to each other almost weekly with prayer requests and sharing what God is doing in each other’s lives.

  6. David and Heather Holinger

    We invited Mark and Kim Hewitt to our house for dinner. What a wonderful time it was getting to know them better. After a delicious meal we ended with prayer. Listening to Mark pray was very inspiring. I hope we can do it again!

  7. With being so isolated this past year, I’m so thankful for the leadership at Hope in encouraging lasting relationships. What an awesome time my partner, Kathy, and I had together! Two hours flew by, and the time of prayer was precious. We’ll be looking for opportunities to get together in the future. God is so good!

  8. Tuesday I participated in the “Pray Together” event with Carmen. The two of us typically make plans to see each other sometime in the month when our schedules align, and our friendship is more so a relationship between a grandmother and a granddaughter. It was great to be able to pray with each other, and we’re considering doing this again – taking more time from our visits to pray together. It was a joy to receive and share our prayers together.

  9. My first prayer time with my partner was more than up-lifting . . . It was Joyful! We were blessed to pray for one another in ways that helped us to breathe in His Spirit as we asked Him for those needs we have in our lives as Sisters in Christ. I am looking forward to our second time, where we will share more of what we need from the Lord.

  10. Oh, I forgot to include the funny part. My partner and I met about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I continually joked that if I wasn’t home to make dinner my family might starve. To my great surprise, my adoring and capable husband was hard at work making the homemade spaghetti dinner provided by the Sister’s of Hope! It was delicious! God is Great!

  11. I met with my Sister in Hope to participate in the “Pray together event”. It was awesome to be together to see each other and talk about how God is working in our lives. We have been faithful to call each other weekly but this just made the connection so much better. We had coffee, prayed, and enjoyed the great weather with a short walk. I really believe that this connection has brought us closer as we recognize so many similarities in our lives. We understand each other really well and are able to share openly without judgement. God has built us up through mutual edification and I am thankful for it. I will keep her identity anonymous as she is a little quieter than me!

  12. Since I’m not allowed (per my doctor) to fast I instead fasted social media. It was a wonderful time to experience God in a more focused way. I felt encouraged as I spent that time in prayer. I wrote my prayers as it helps me focus better. I really prayed for revival in myself, our church, community, state and country. The way I felt God work was in me, the peace I felt as I prayed, and I thought that was the result of that day. But then yesterday I got a call and God showed me one of the ways He is at work in my family. I praise and thank Him for the ways He is at work. Especially in my life with Him.

  13. To start our day of prayer and fasting we watched an inspiring message by Pastor Travis. After having a hectic and exhausting week, it was so encouraging to turn off the TV and focus on God, His Word, and pray. The prayer and scripture guide was very helpful to get us going in the right direction. No technology (computer stayed off for the whole time) until later in the evening, when we watched a couple of inspirational movies. The Holy Spirit seemed to bring it all together to draw us closer to each other and closer to the Lord, also including a Bible study that we are working on in our growth group.

  14. I found it to be a challenge going through the day without food. Because of my constant thought of food, it was helpful to bring me to God through prayer throughout the whole day. I found that I almost grabbed food before thinking about it multiple times. That caused me to see how much I depend on food each day. It was also a great reminder of how I am meant to depend on God daily. He should be what I hunger and thirst for and who I go to without thought or hesitation.

    “As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.” Psalm 42:1

  15. My husband and I both fasted for 24 hours together. It was the first time we did this in our life, and it was so worth it! We felt so close to God, and spent the day hanging out with the kids and in prayer. I had one item at work that has been weighing on my heart heavily, and I prayed for this quite a lot yesterday. Well at 11:20 am I got an email and couldn’t believe what I read, my prayer was answered! WOW, God is so good!

  16. I chose to forego food for 24 hours to maximize the value added and benefits. Fasting detoxifies, purifies, clarifies both the physical and spiritual. Prayer fuels my relationship with God and aligns my will with Him. The day was a slow start as the enemy tried to distract me. I had the worse pain on my neck and shoulders the night before so I did not sleep well and woke up too weak. Had my usual power breakfast but still felt weak. I started reading my daily “Read Your Bible Through In One Year”, joined the worship service at 8:30 a.m. via live stream then went straight to prayer mode. I used the given pattern as it is similar to what I normally use- ACTS-Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. The Holy Spirit gave me the strength to get through the 24-hour journey and be totally dependent on God. Psalm 34:8 resonated very well. ” Oh taste and see that the Lord is good”.

  17. I have tried more then once to fast but did not succeed, I have felt like that I should fast and learn more about it for the past year. Any way.. I was determined this time! and I did it! I have to admit, it was very hard! Living unequally yoked makes it even harder, because I have to “keep everything very normal , like I was not fasting, still needed to cook meals etc. ” but I did it. I used the e-mail Pastor Travis sent and put it on my phone,I would read those verses, and I also did extra devotionals in the youversion Bible app about fasting based on the book Awakening:A New approach to faith , fasting, and spirual freedom by stovall Weems.. and prayed through out the day. Gave my self plenty of time to have times of prayer. I only really had 2 hard times and felt this peace that just covered over my hunger, if that makes sense, it was kinda weird. I thought I would be grumpy or have hunger pain, but I didnt 🙂
    I also want to continue to learn more about fasting, and maybe do it more often. God created us to be passionate about him and I feel like sometimes the zeal in my relationship subsides, and I get wrapped up in this world. I need to do this fasting and prayer days more often to shake that up, and get me back to my number one focus! God is good <3

  18. I chose four areas, humility, repentance, intimacy with God and direction to focus my prayers on. I looked up several scripture for each and wrote down the scripture. Then I prayed the scripture. I also spent time praying for needs of people in my small groups.
    In the evening, we went to find a good place to see the sunset, something we do often, and praise God for. We didn’t get to a good place soon enough but we did see a beautiful landscape. When we came back we watched “God’s Not Dead ” We have been praying a lot about opportunities, and recognizing those opportunities to witness, so that movie seemed appropriate. We finished our day with a walk. As I was walking I felt kind of down because I expected after praying all day, I should feel closer to God and hear Him speak to me. Then when I got in bed and started praying before I fell asleep, God actually revealed a couple of things to me. One I’d rather not share and the other was about refinement. It was a good day!

  19. I love food. I generally am ready to eat lunch before the clock hits 9:00am and I could easily sit down for dinner by 2:00pm. I find myself snacking throughout the day, right up until bedtime.
    Going all day without food was a big challenge for me, but it was a great reminder of what should be most important in my life. My family also went all day without any screen time, which I’m hoping will become a new tradition for us on Sundays. We were able to have a good time of family prayer and I found myself praying throughout the day, without the distraction of the tv and with a constant growling belly as a reminder. I am thankful that God invites me to “Taste and see that the Lord is good” Psalm 34:8

  20. God has been dealing with me to remove distractions in my life so that I can draw closer to Him, so I spent the day with very little technology! It was very peaceful, and it gave me the opportunity to really reflect on my walk, and set some goals to simplify my life. (I also didn’t have to take any time to prepare meals, so that was an added bonus.) I’m so thankful for the Body at Hope Baptist, and I look forward to becoming more involved in 2021! It was such a sweet time of studying “Hunger”, among other things, and I realized how fortunate we are in America to have the privilege of worshipping God. No matter what storms are raging outwardly, we can always run to Him for comfort and safety. I’m believing for a great revival at Hope, in Maine, in our Nation and around the world! There are so many without hope in these troubling times and God is preparing His workers “for such a time as this”! Praise His Mighty Name!

  21. Good time to reflect on what’s important in life. Pastor Travis’ message on Sunday certainly helped me to realize that worrying about things in our daily lives doesn’t help in any way other than to grow worry lines on our faces. It was a good 24 hours to invest more time in reading the bible, knowing God’s wisdom better and understand God’s will for me. Praise him always.

  22. While I was praying yesterday, I read Psalm 145. Verse 3 says, “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.” I can never reach the end of God’s greatness. One thing that makes God great is found in vs. 8. God is abounding in steadfast love. I am hungry to know more of that abounding steadfast love in my life. I know I will never be able to reach the end of God’s limitless love for me and His church.

  23. 24 Hour Devotional & Fast ~ February 21st, 2021
    My fast was to set aside electronics for 24 hours. I use my devices to pursue my devotional time with God, so I made two exceptions: my CD player and my home phone. Music draws me close to God and the phone draws me close to what He is doing in other’s lives. And of courses I had my Bible!

    I started my journey in the Book of Deuteronomy. Our Wednesday prayer time has started to explore what God is revealing to us there now, and Chapter 4: 29 affirms that if we search for God with all our heart and soul, He will be found. This concept is repeated often in the Scriptures, Proverbs 8:17, Jeremiah 29:11- 13, Hebrews 11:6, and more. That is also a promise. It reminds me that Jesus said no one can come to Him unless the Father draws them (John 6:65). The Holy Spirit, and Jesus are at work in our salvation. Each one of us has a road sign up saying, “God at Work!” I rejoiced in my morning with our Lord. God is revealing Himself anew every day.
    This revelation continued as I worshipped with my brothers and sisters at the Sunday morning services. Ephesians 5:19-20, and Colossians 3:16 emphasize the importance that music plays in drawing us near to God. Our Text from Matthew 6 caused me to recall Karen Lafferty’s worship song, Seek Ye First, taken from verse 33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv15mmlZjBM. It dates me, but Scripture is eternal. This little worship ditty touched me long ago and still does. Earlier in Matthew 6 our Lord spoke of prayer and fasting, and exhorted us to look at what we treasure in our lives. Music burst forth in my mind once again with the song, Treasure by Tree63. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6GOpVU6acE Verse 21 has been precious to me. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I know many people have what they call a life verse. I suppose this one God used when I was sixteen and still does. Our God is a God of revelation (Deuteronomy 29:29), and this day He was on a roll!
    Later at home I called my friend Charlie in Virginia to share Our Daily Bread devotional for the 21st, UNIMAGINABLE PROMISES. Drawing on 2 Peter 1:2-8, which lays out a building plan that begins when we first believe. And why? So we will not be ineffective and unproductive in our knowledge of our Lord. The devotion goes on to say that our future In Christ cannot be earned or forfeited. Then she asks, Why can it be difficult for us to accept “unearned” grace and love? Good question. It is no wonder God hates pride. Our old nature wants to merit God’s favor, but He came to the Cross just because what is impossible with man, is possible with God. It was wonderful to be in Scripture with my old friend.
    My day closed with reading in a little book called 52 Little Lessons From A Christmas Carol. This redemption story has always touched my heart. As we are asking God to revive us again I read of Scrooge’s first real Christmas, and listened to the old Hymn Morning Has Broken. Can you sense the character’s joy that Christmas morning as he experienced a second chance? Before I laid down on this day with Our Lord, I listened to a song by Andre Crouch, Soon And Very Soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmGiu9JfbIs Oh what a day that will be!

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